同年11月、ファーストアルバム「LUCKY STRIKE」を全国リリース。
有名ジャズクラブMezzrow、Cleopatra’s needle、Rockwood music hall等で演奏。
過去共演ミュージシャンに岡崎好朗(tp)、 岡淳(ts)、金子晴美(vo)、川嶋哲郎(ts)、多田誠司(as)、TOKU(vo,flh)、細川綾子(vo)、向井滋春(tb)、YAS岡山等。

Greetings! I’m Kaori Ueno and I’m from Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture.
My musical origins started from an early age. I began playing the piano under the influence of my mother who is a piano instructor.
After graduating from high school I continued my studies under Instructor Katsura Tamura.
My live Jazz performances started in earnest in 2005.
I’ve held a leader concert at the Kitakyushu Arts Theater every year since 2011.
In September 2014, I participated in the 50th Anniversary Project, The Japan-Korea diplomacy with Masao Ijima and performed in Seoul, Korea.
In November of the same year, my first album titled “LUCKY STRIKE” was Nationwide released with a Trio, supported by Masao Ijima (b) and YAS Okayama (ds).
I received the 2014 Kitakyushu Citizen’s Culture Encouragement Award.
In 2015, I appeared in the NHK FM session 2015 with my Trio and recorded publicly at Shibuya NHK Fureai Hall.
2017 I received the 0-1 Artist Visa and moved to New York City.
After arriving in New York City I’ve performed at world renowned Jazz music venues, Mezrow, Cleopatra’s Needle, and Rockwood Hall.
2018 I released my second album titled “ Destinations” in New York city. The album was recorded in New York City using a quintet, featuring talented American musicians who assisted on the album. In October of the same year I invited the same members of my quintet to accompany me in Japan, performing a tour of 10 venues showcasing the songs from my “ Destinations” album.
2019 I returned to Japan to continue actively working and promoting new music.
Performed in the past with Yoshiro Okazaki (tp), Makoto Oka (ts), Harumi Kaneko (vo), Tetsuro Kawashima (ts), Seiji Tada (as), Ayako Hosokawa (vo), Shigeharu Mukai (tb), and others.

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